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F.A.Q. – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book?

Send an email to

I can host a maximum of 4 people. Price per person is 30 euro, including truffles and materials.

To keep my rates affordable, at a minimum, reserve two weeks in advance and pay in advance, no refunds or re-scheduling. Dates available are:

Wednesday January 4th, Saturday January 21st, Wednesday January 25th

Saturday February 4th, Saturday February 18th, Wednesday February 22nd

Saturday March 4th, Wednesday March 8th, Saturday March 18th, Wednesday March 22nd

Who is it for?

Joining a Creative Journey can be beneficial to various kinds of people. Do you feel like you never give yourself the time to be creative because of obligations in your life? Was there a time in your life when you were creative, and are you nostalgic about that time? Or maybe you studied art or were creative professionally and have lost all joy in creating, and think about what it would be like to experience joy in creating again?

Maybe you dream about being creative but don’t know where to start, and you put a lot of pressure on yourself, worried about the outcome, or what materials to use.. Are you tired of the need to perform all the time and you want to get lost in the moment in something beautiful, something YOU create? These are all examples of people who have joined and enjoyed the creative journey.

What sort of guidance do you offer with the usage of truffles?

First and foremost, it should be said that I am not a therapist. Therefore, the creative journeys I offer are not therapy. If that is what you need it is better to search elsewhere.

Upon the beginning of a journey, we all vow to create a non-judgmental space together. Sometimes different things can surface with different people, and while it’s okay to not understand someone, it’s not okay to be judgmental towards someone in the group. We all decide on this together at the beginning of each journey.

What sort of painting guidance do you offer?

The painting guidance is minimal but enough to get you on the road. The reason for that is that is it precious to have you go through your own unique process. It is not focused on the result, but rather to connect you to the joy of creating (again). Whatever you will make you can truly call your own, participants have said they enjoyed going through the creative decision making process. Even though it can be challenging, taking that hurdle you will most likely surprise yourself.

This is not the type of workshop where you are forced to use certain colours and all have to paint the same birds under a sunset. I fact, I have decided as much as possible to not use the term ‘workshop’ because ‘work’ is not what these afternoons are about.

Instead I will give a few technical tips in the beginning, so you can start from experiencing the material. There are no assignments.

What about painting without truffles?

I have successfully hosted sober painting sessions.

It’s also possible to join a painting session without taking truffles, or to reserve to entire group so that it will be a fully sober session.

I will still try to leave you as free as possible so you go through a process of your own.

Where do the creative journeys take place?

They take place at my house, which most guests have described as inspiring on truffles, it features many of my art works.

Who else will be at the creative journey?

I try to combine different people, but you may also fully book the group.

The reason for combining people is to help combat the individualism in our society. 

Do you have more questions? Send an email to reinilde at yahoo com

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